Are you a tenant planning to handover the house to landlord or housing agent? Landlord wanted you to fix the scratches or dents or discoloration, they observed on the parquet for timber floor. This is a guide for you to on how to handle and how much it cost in Singapore to fix the problems

Below are the main reasons for the Discoloration, Dents and Scratches

  • Wear and tear
  • Accidentally scratching while dragging sofa or chair
  • Scratches by Kids while plying
  • Dropping heavy objects accidentally
  • Dragging Bed
  • Dropping Paint or oil on floor

Dents and scratches looks small and looks easy to be repaired. But in reality, it is not so easy to repair the parts where there is dent or scratch or discoloration. Once the wooden piece is repaired the color of the repaired part will look very different compared the remaining original flooring. That’s why most of the parquet flooring firms in Singapore will tell you, they need to polish whole floor. There are many cases, we have done just repair the affected area, but later Landlord or housing agent will not accept the color differences. The cost of just repair and polishing whole room is not much difference.

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